Fund directly through rare & exclusive private funders.

Work directly with private funders that lend their own money. Enjoy higher commissions and impress your clients with great rates and incredible terms.

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Earn up to 19 points in commission.

Get access to private funders that pay up to 19 points in commission.

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Same Day Commission Payments

Choose to work with funders that pay you on the same day the business receives funding.

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Offer Term Loans With Low Rates

Offer your clients term loans with low, manageable MONTHLY payments and incredibly low rates.

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Subprime Programs

Access private funders that accept submissions from clients with a negative history & credit scores as low as 500.  

Impress your clients.

Give your clients something to smile about so they choose you over your competitors.

Term Loans

Impressive term loan options with excellent terms and incredible rates.

Earn More.

Experience the satisfaction of larger commission payments from private funders with high-paying commission structures.

Interest rates as low as approx 4.75% & up.

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Loan amounts up to
$5 million

Satisfy your clients who are seeking higher funding amounts with larger approvals.

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Business Term Loans

Offer your clients a true loan with a low, manageable monthly payment and not an advance on future receivables. Select alternatives by preference.

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Repayment terms up to
25 years

Longer terms for greater flexibility. Help reduce business dependency on cash flow.

Business loans funded within hours. No bank statements required.

Work with private funders that have fast funding capabilities. Businesses may receive funds within hours or as soon as the next day. Easy funding application and no bank statements required for some programs.

Get the unique advantage of negotiating funding terms directly with the lending source.


Flexible Rates

Speak directly to private funders to request lower rates at will. Experience greater flexibility and impress clients.


Direct Interaction With The Funding Source

Interact with private funders directly and follow the process from beginning to end. Intermediary programs optional.


Direct Negotiations On Behalf of Clients

Give yourself the advantage of being able to negotiate directly, on behalf of your clients and establish favorable repayment terms.


Choose term loans or merchant cash advances based on your unique preferences.

Access private funders offering term loans with low interest rates and manageable monthly payments. True business loans with excellent terms. Low interest rate programs are now within reach and can be presented with confidence to qualified clients. If you prefer a merchant cash advance, work directly with merchant cash advance funders who fund with their own private money. Give yourself (and your sales team) the benefit of incredibly attractive cash advance options or business term loan options with flexible terms and amazing rates.

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Cash advances with rates as low as 1.04

Looking for merchant cash advance options with lower rates?  Give yourself the privilege of working with amazing private funders that offer exclusive buy rates as low as 1.04

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Simple unsecured loans with no prepayment penalties.

Choose private funders which offer simple, unsecured business loans with no prepayment penalty or future interest charges at the time of loan payoff. Loan payoffs may be completed starting at the first day of the contract based on the unique program type.

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